Description of the scholarship.

Introduction: An introductory paragraph that briefly explains the purpose and goals of the scholarship.

Scholarships Available

Level 1 – 3 Crystal Alchemy Bowl Trainings

Set of Crystal Alchemy Bowls (3)

Eligibility Criteria

Equal opportunity 

Award Amount

Level 1 – 3 Crystal Alchemy Bowl Trainings – Full tuition

Set of Crystal Alchemy Bowls (3) – approximately $3,000

Obligations and Expectations



Application Process

  • Complete the form
  • Selection process
  • Zoom interview

Application Deadline

Crystal Alchemy Bowl Trainings: December 31, 2023

Set of Crystal Alchemy Bowls (3): December 31, 2023

Notification of Recipients

Offical award email and contract emailed to each recipient.

Contact Information

All questions and inquiries should be sent to

About our Crystal Alchemy Trainings

Small Class Size

All courses offered have limited enrollment to create an intimate, experiential, integrated and embodied training experience for each student.

Voice and the Human Instrument

Activating the power of your own voice as a unique vibratory signature. Jeralyn is a Professor of Voice and an expert in opening, exploring, and grounding your human instrument.


Based on The Energy Codes® by Dr. Sue Morter we explore the science behind the therapeutic use of sound.

Music Theory

An understanding and practical application of the musical structure that creates effective sound healing.

Chakra System

Activate, clear, and harmonize the energy centers of the body through practices using sound vibration and your own voice.

Instructors and Special Guests

Courses led by Hay House author Professor Jeralyn Glass, a leader in the field of Music as Medicine using crystal alchemy singing bowls, with special guests.

Techniques, Uses and Alchemies

A personalized, creative, and in-depth exploration of the quantum world of crystal alchemy singing bowls as a healing modality.

Endocrine System

Explore your potential and develop your individual gifts, interests and talents through proven techniques and exercises.

Personal Alchemy

Develop individual gifts, interests and talents using creative sound healing exercises.

Art of Sound Healing

Practice and build the circuitry to lead effective sound baths, ceremonies, group, and private healing sessions.

About our Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls

The Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls are instruments of the quantum realm. They are unique sonic pieces of art. Every bowl is different and can be purchased individually or as a group. We curate beautiful sets tuned to 432Hz, 440Hz, and 528Hz.
Please enjoy the full catalog, including descriptions of all of the single alchemy, mixed alchemy and Divine Series bowls currently being manufactured.

We are happy to help you find your “bowlmate” ~ the note and bowl that is perfect for you or to create a harmonized set with a variety of different notes, alchemies and alchemy combinations.

We ship worldwide with love and care.

Professor Jeralyn Glass is a recognized leader pioneering in this field. She works closely to identify alchemies that speak to each individual, creating harmonious combinations of notes that work together as uniquely healing sound instruments. Due to the nature of the bowls, each purchase requires a consultation to discover which notes, tunings and alchemies are best for you.

* Bowl pricing is dependent on the alchemy – there is no such thing as a beginner’s set. New and experienced sound healers can both have harmonious sets with different notes and alchemies at a wide range of price points depending on size and alchemy. Below are some examples of alchemy categories pricings (listing the smallest size bowl of 6 inches) to consider when planning your purchase. All price ranges are found on the specific alchemy pages.


Category Starting Price Example of Bowls
Category 1 $649 Smokey Quartz, Grandmother, Grandfather, Indium
Category 2 $699 Platinum, Mother of Platinum, Aqua Aura Gold
Category 3 $899 Charcoal, Dead Sea Salt, Kyanite
Category 4 $999 Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Pink Aura Gold, Sedona Red Rock
Category 5 $1,199 Ruby, Emerald, Black and Pink Tourmeline, Moldavite
Category 6 $2,199 Diamond, Tanzanite
Category 7 $2,999 Divine Series

Disclaimer – all bowls are one of a kind and inventory may vary. The particular note or alchemy pairing you want may not be available.

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