The Source App
A one of kind place where Science, Spirituality, Energy Medicine, Sound Vibration and the Healing Power of Music intersect.
Meet our Presenters
Dr Daniel Levitin
Neuroscientist & Best Selling Author
Dr Todd Ovokaitys
Lemurian Choir, Stem Cell Expert
Dr Sue Morter
Bioenergetics, Quantum Visionary
Eileen McKusick
Founder, BioField Tuning

Jahnavi Harrison
Practitioner of Sacred Sound

Jeralyn Glass
Creator, Sacred Science of Sound

Singer, Creator Allel, Mother

Jonathan Goldman
Sound Healing Pioneer

Lee Harris
Intuitive Guide, Teacher, Musician

Multi-Platinum Producer Musician

Victor Wooten
Grammy Award Winning Bassist

John Stuart Reid
Cymastics Expert

Kevin James
Sacred Chant Leader

Cellist, Singer

Dr Ibrahim Karim
Founder, BioGeometry

Doreya Karim
Director, BioGeometry

Dana Austin
Producer, Yogi, Sound Healer

Sole Carbone
Integrative Therapist, Coach

Experience the connection.

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The Source App. Releasing Spring 2022

Source, the app of the The Sacred Science of Sound™ presents easy to use Meditations, Music, Sound Healing, Bioenergetics and pioneering information all in one place.

There is a common denominator in every facet of life.  When we understand these connections, we heal and we experience wholeness and happiness.  Today’s science and the power of music melts with ancient wisdom of the sound healing and bioenergetics. 


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