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Purchase Bowls

Purchase your own Alchemy™ Quartz Crystal singing bowls – Jeralyn is an internationally recognized musician and crystal alchemy singing bowl master who will guide you in finding the right bowl or harmonized set of bowls via video conference. The consultation fee is $111, which is waived with your same day alchemy bowl purchase (the fee is not credited to white frosted purchases). Jeralyn is an authorized distributor of Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls™ and created the Los Angeles Temple. Her Crystal Cadence Sound Healing Studio has over 500 bowls to choose from, one of the largest collections of Crystal Tones Singing Bowls™ in the world, including a wide variety of alchemies and tunings.

Due to high demand, Jeralyn Glass is currently available for virtual crystal alchemy singing bowl consultations only. Requests for in-person consultations are politely declined at this time.

We offer a “safe distance” pick up in-person, following your virtual consultation, for those in the greater Los Angeles area.

Transformational Voice Mentoring

Jeralyn is a highly sought after Professor of Voice (booking in advance please), having taught singing internationally at established institutions and in her private studio for over 20 years. In addition, she has coached leading business professionals and major music and theatrical artists in finding and expressing their authentic voice and improving their vocal technique.
If you have ever dreamed of singing, Jeralyn is a master at helping you discover, free, open and develop your voice. She specializes in the combination of unlocking your unique and personal sound with techniques based on Bio-Energetics and can include the use of crystal alchemy singing bowls.


The Mentoring Program includes:

  • Find and express the full potential of your authentic voice with ease and freedom.
  • Learn and integrate a scientifically proven, highly effective breath support.
  • Increase your range, dynamics and stamina.
  • Learn how to ground and embody your true voice.
  • Activate another level of Freedom with the use of crystal alchemy singing bowls, and learn how to integrate them in your music and your sound baths.
  • Experience the healing power of your own voice.
  • Learn ways to practice that will grow and sustain your voice.
  • Uplevel your technique through principles of Bio-Energetics in combination with Jeralyn’s expertise and decades of international performance experience.


Read about one client’s experience with transformational voice lessons HEREA Neuroscientist’s Diary of a Concussion, By Daniel J. Levitin

Nothing less than extraordinary.










Virtual Sound Healing Sessions

The pure tones of the crystal gemstone infused singing bowls have produced profound results and are an easy way for most people to begin to quiet the thinking mind, especially when silent meditation is challenging. It can be an easier experience for the average person to drop into deep relaxation through the amplified frequencies of the infused gemstones and minerals. Using the alchemy crystal singing bowls™ creates an immediate and immersive meditative environment that supports clarity, focus, and relaxation.


Every sound healing session is unique. We discuss your needs and set an intention for healing and transformation. In the comfort of your own home you will be bathed in sonic waves, with serene and potent vibrations from Jeralyn’s selection of beautifully tuned crystal bowls, harmonic tuning forks and her healing voice. The bowls transport you to a peaceful, regenerating, meditative state that is profoundly healing.


In addition to private virtual sound healing sessions, Jeralyn offers:
A Group Sound Healing Experiences, Inquire HERE
Corporate Sound Healing Experiences, Learn More HERE




Private Crystal Bowl Training

Crystal Alchemy Sound Training is an amazing, state of the art experience. In these private trainings you will learn the following:

  • The essentials of sound healing and how to play crystal bowls
  • Principles and practices for leading crystal sound meditations
  • Embodiment practices
  • How to clear, activate, and align the chakras and balance the endocrine system
  • Breathing techniques, how to open and ground your voice, and how to tone with the alchemy singing bowls
  • The bioenergetics of your human system and the science behind sound healing

Crystal Alchemy Concerts and Sound Baths

Jeralyn Glass brings sacred sound into an event, uplifting the energy and casting an enchanting spell over all participants.
— Marianne Williamson


Professor Jeralyn Glass is the holder of the Los Angeles Crystal Tones Singing Bowl Temple with one of the largest selections of Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls in the world. In an easy to understand and practical application, she teaches the true power of sound as medicine, an important modality in today’s hectic, high pressure world. Sound baths are a popular addition to both private and corporate events and may bring the following:


  • Harmony and a strong sense of community in the workspace
  • Improved confidence and communication skills
  • Lowered absentee rates and employee burnout
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Boosted creativity and purpose
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • More energy, vitality, and better sleep
  • Allows the release of toxins from the cells, releasing toxic emotions
  • May strengthen a sense of self love and compassion in relationships
  • Increased connection to feelings of happiness and fulfillment
  • An increase in personal balance and sense of well-being
  • Boost productivity, efficiency, and creativity
  • Improved problem solving skills
  • Relief from physical pain


Book Jeralyn for your next event. With a selection over 500 alchemy bowls, your event will be perfectly tailored to fit your needs and wishes.


We currently offer virtual meditative concerts and sound baths to support you, your guests and your employees.


Jeralyn has performed her concerts regularly for Science and Spirituality luminaries such as Gregg Braden, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Sue Morter, Lee Harris and Anita Moorjani.


Looking for a Concert Experience?

Book Jeralyn for one of the following concerts and discover an elevated perspective for experiencing music, healing and transcendence. Be bathed in the vibrational frequency of Love, peace in the body and deep relaxation. 

Inquire HERE

Jeralyn’s music is beyond anything I have ever experienced… uplifting, heavenly and truly transformational.
– John Gray, bestselling author


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