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Sound Therapy

The power of Healing Sounds has been utilized for thousands of years from the ancient Aborigines who used sound to mend broken bones and balance the body to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks who had sound healing chambers, to modern day medicine to rejuvenate every aspect of your body, mind and spirit. Jeralyn Glass, founder of Crystal Cadence, is an internationally known musical artist. Her unique blend of a classical career with leadership, teaching, meditation and high vibrational sound is absolutely unique. She uses her talent and intuitive gifts in working with her students and clients, opening them to their true voice and magnificence. The space she holds is full of love, compassion, empowerment and unity.

Through the profound and calming frequencies of gemstone and mineral infused Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, powerful tools for transformation and healing, Jeralyn leads you on a journey of the heart, mind, body and spirit. Experience tones that open and ignite your brain waves and harmonics that raise your vibration, resulting in cleansing, clearing and clarity. Crystal Singing Bowls have become one of the most sought after sonic tools worldwide, and advocated by experts such as Andrew Weil, MD and the late Dr. Mitchell Gaynor who used them in his Oncology practice at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center.

Read my article in Global Health Resources magazine about:

The Healing Power of Sound

Read my article in Global Health Resources magazine about:

Crystal Bowls and Cancer Patients


Purchase  your own AlchemyQuartz Crystal singing bowls – Jeralyn is an internationally recognized musician and crystal alchemy singing bowl master who will guide you in finding the right bowl or harmonized set of bowls either in person or via Video conference. Consultation has a fee of $111, which is waived with your same day purchase. Jeralyn is an authorized distributer of Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls and holds the Los Angeles Temple. The Crystal Cadence Sound HealingStudio has at any time 350-400 bowls to choose from, the largest collection of Crystal Tones Singing Bowls in the United States, including a wide variety of Alchemies and tunings.

Transformational Voice Lessons 

Jeralyn is a highly sought after teacher, (booking in advance please) having taught singing internationally for established Institutions and in her private studio for over 20 years. She is a professor of Voice, has taught at the Conservatory of Music in Munich, Chapman University, given master classes all around the globe, and is the Founder and Artistic Director of kids4kids World Foundation, known for its high level of developing young artists and commitment to teaching and implementing social service. If you have ever dreamed of singing, Jeralyn can help you in discovering, freeing, opening and developing your voice. Her mastery also lies in the combination of unlocking your authentic voice with the use of crystal alchemy singing bowls. Nothing less than extraordinary. 

Read about one client’s experience with transformational voice lessons here:
A Neuroscientists Diary of a Concussion
By Daniel J. Levitin

Private Sound Healing Treatments

Every sound healing session is unique. We discuss your needs and set an intention for healing and transformation. Either sitting, reclining or relaxing on the table, you will be bathed in sonic waves, with serene and potent vibrations from Jeralyn’s selection of beautifully tuned crystal bowls and her healing voice. The bowls transport you to a peaceful, regenerating, meditative state that is profoundly healing. You can also learn to play the bowls and use your own voice for self-healing.

Private Crystal Bowl Training

Crystal Alchemy sound training is an amazing, state of the art experience. In these trainings you may learn the following: The essentials of sound healing and how to play crystal bowls- Principles and practices for leading Crystal Sound Meditations- Embodiment practices developed by Dr. Sue Morter – How to clear, activate, and align the Chakras- Breathing techniques, how to open and ground your voice, and how to tone with the alchemy singing bowls- All about the bioenergetics of your human body and how to support your system with your breath and the powerful resonance of crystal alchemy singing bowls.

Crystal Alchemy Group Sound Meditation

Monthly sounding circles for easing Grief and Pain for Relaxation, Balance, Harmony and Rejuvenation. Dates announced monthly.

The Healing Power of Sound: An introduction to Bio Energetics and Sound as Medicine Book here

Jeralyns teaching skills convey in an easily understandable and practical application, thectrue power of sound as medicine, an important modality in todays hectic, high pressure world.

Crystal Alchemy Concerts and Meditations

Book Jeralyn for your event. She performs regularly for Science and Spirituality luminaries such as Gregg Braden, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Sue Morter, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Anita Moorjani. Book here

 Consultations for Companys,Wellness for your employees- we offer in house meditation training and sound baths to support your employees in sustaining health and wellness and functioning at a high level of output.

Contact us for inquiries and pricing.

Treatment plans and trainings for retreat centers and wellness resorts and spas. Crystal Alchemy Sound is the medicine of now. We train your staff to offer these modalities at the highest level of excellence.

Delivery of Harmonized sets for health and wellness- created in our consultation

On-site professional training for therapists and staff (endorsed by Crystal Tones® Training also takes place over three weekends each year in Los Angeles.

Video, phone and in-person consultations available.

Crystal Alchemy Concerts

A private crystalline sound healing session done on the Far Infared BioMat, grounding and deeply healing.