Home of the Los Angeles Crystal Tones® Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl Temple, one of the largest selections of Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls in the world.

A place for Crystal Alchemy Training, Sound Healing Experiences and Transformational Voice.

Conveniently located near Los Angeles International Airport.

Explore the profound world of Sound Healing and Bioenergetics, the Medicine of Now.

Be inspired under the guidance of internationally known Singer, Professor, Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl Master, Meditation Leader, and creator of The Sacred Science of Sound®, Jeralyn Glass.

Featured on KTLA – LA Unscripted

Heal your Body and Soul with Sound Baths


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Take a journey into the extraordinary world of healing sound and embark upon a powerful exploration of the science and magic behind healing with crystal singing bowls.

Free Audio and Video Meditation,and invitation to a Live Stream Event with Jeralyn Glass and Dr. Sue Morter with purchase.

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There is a common denominator in every facet of life.
When we understand these connections, we heal and experience wholeness.
Today’s science and the power of music to transform us merges with ancient wisdom.
Immerse yourself in meditations, mantra, tuning forks, cymatics, yoga, and the science of sound as you learn from leaders in the field of music as medicine.
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Pentatonic Visions: A Journey Through Crystalline Landscapes

By Jeralyn Glass and Chris Sholar featuring Crystal Alchemy Bowls

Immerse yourself in ethereal realms, where the harmonies of nature, tribal rhythms, and soundscapes blend with crystal singing bowls. Open your mind and surrender as each selection guides you on a transcendent frequency journey through crystalline landscapes, immersed in the ancient and timeless  wisdom of the pentatonic scale. The celestial tones transport you to a place of sublime serenity. Allow this sonic offering to guide you on a wondrous odyssey of the senses.




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