Take a journey into the extraordinary world of healing sound and embark upon a powerful exploration of the science and magic behind healing with crystal singing bowls.

About the Book

Fascinating discoveries in science and medicine are revealing the many ways sound affects us at both a biological and an emotional level. At a time when people are seeking solace and healing as never before, distinguished musician and crystal singing bowl master teacher Jeralyn Glass has penned an intriguing narrative that thoroughly and impactfully shows readers how they themselves can embrace the healing power of music.

This book shares the remarkable story of the author’s rise to acclaim as a Broadway and opera singer who graced some of the world’s most celebrated stages. We walk with her as she shares her exploration of the healing power of music that traces its roots to primitive humanity. We learn from the wisdom and scientific studies of her friends and colleagues who are bringing the study of sound and music to an epic crescendo. We breathe reverentially with her as she shares the emotional story of her son’s birth, his death, and the astonishingly expansive relationship she has established with him—and the crystal singing bowls—in the years since he passed.

Sacred Vibrations shows how intentional sound can transmute uncertainty, chaos, and pain to harmony, coherence, and true healing. It grounds the ethereal nature of singing bowls through science, theory, and practical application. The book also includes singing bowl meditations, accessible through QR codes, to guide readers on their journey of integration and wholeness, showing, yet again, how music is “medicine” for our time.

About the Author

Jeralyn Glass is an internationally acclaimed singer, musician, and leader in the field of sound healing who has been sharing the gift of music medicine with the world for decades. She began her career on Broadway and has sung on opera and concert stages around the globe. Jeralyn offers a unique alchemical blend of music, meditation, and high vibrational sound. Merging quantum science, bioenergetics and crystalline singing bowls, Jeralyn helps people facilitate healing and transformation with the power of music and sacred frequencies that nourish our bodies, connect us with our hearts, and awaken our consciousness.

She created The Sacred Science of Sound ® educational platform and The Crystal Cadence ® Sound Healing Studio, home of the Los Angeles Crystal Tones Temple of Alchemy, one of the largest displays of alchemy bowls for purchase. She personally curates your singing bowl sets, and offers her Sacred Science of Sound Trainings ® with over 120 hours of instruction. Jeralyn is the author of the Crystal Sound Healing Oracle published by Hay House, the first interactive card deck which uses QR codes connecting you to the sound recordings of your card, as well as her book, “Sacred Vibrations” releasing July 2024. Under Jeralyn’s leadership, The Sacred Science of Sound ® has presented live events and online series with pioneers and innovators in the field, and it features a monthly membership including conversations, teachings, and performances offering cutting-edge information on vibrational medicine, bioenergetics, and the healing power of sound and music. It’s innovative App, Source debuts in May 2024.

In 2023, Jeralyn was honored to present at Music As Medicine, sponsored by the Kennedy Center, NIH, NEA, and the Renée Fleming Foundation. She works with The Cancer Support Community, Hospice, The Compassionate Friends, Veterans Organizations, and teaches with The Shift Network. Jeralyn’s music is available at CrystalCadence.com, on all streaming platforms, on Insight Timer, on Humanity’s Stream + Library, and on the Crystal Cadence YouTube channel.

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Dr. Sue Morter
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Live Streaming Event
Book Launch Celebration
with Jeralyn Glass and Dr. Sue Morter
Date: July 23, 2024
Time: 12:00 noon PST

Live Streaming Event
Book Launch Celebration
with HayHouse Publishing
Date: July 25, 2024
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Book Launch Celebration
with Jeralyn Glass and Dr. Sue Morter
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Book Launch Celebration
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Book Launch Celebration
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Date: July 27, 2024
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Celebrating  “Sacred Vibrations: The Transformative Power of Crystalline Sound and Music”
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New Albums releasing:

Pentatonic Visions

By Jeralyn Glass and Chris Sholar featuring Crystal Alchemy Bowls

Jeralyn Glass, crystal singing bowls and spoken word

Featuring Chris Sholar, soundscapes

Embark upon a mystical voyage through sound with this transformational album where each track is 5:55 minutes.

Immerse yourself in ethereal realms, where the harmonies of nature, tribal rhythms, and soundscapes blend with crystal singing bowls. Open your mind and surrender as each selection guides you on a transcendent frequency journey through crystalline landscapes, immersed in the ancient and timeless  wisdom of the pentatonic scale. The celestial tones transport you to a place of sublime serenity. Allow this sonic offering to guide you on a wondrous odyssey of the senses.

Released July 12, 2024

Joy Reboot

Music by Beethoven Arrangement by Geoffro and Chris Sholar

Lyrics, Vocals and Singing bowls by Jeralyn Glass

Featuring Jahnavi Harrison, Londrelle and Victor Wooten

Pre-order available July 19, 2024

Releasing July 26, 2024


“A session with Jeralyn Glass is magic. I’m thrilled that her wisdom and relationship to sound is now bound into this book.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

Founder and CEO of goop

“Jeralyn Glass’s innovative work explores one of the most ancient human activities — the use of sound and vibration for healing — and supports its potential as a foundation of future research for the positive impact of the arts on health and the human experience.”

Renée Fleming

Arts and Health advocate, Internationally Celebrated Grammy Award Winning Soprano, National Medal of the Arts, Kennedy Center Honoree 2023

“No one knows sound like Jeralyn. She is a master vocalist, musician and sound healer. Her passion and knowledge of sacred vibration along with her ability to share and create healing spaces is an inspiration.”

Jhené Aiko

Artist, mother, Creator of Allel

“After spending the first half of her life filling up the world’s stages with her mellifluous soprano, Jeralyn Glass is spending the second half of her life filling up the spiritual void inside us with the entrancing sounds of crystal healing bowls. Although scientists can’t explain it yet, my most jaded and skeptical colleagues and I have witnessed the power of this new therapy to relax, reinvigorate, and to repair even the most painful injuries through sound healing.”

Dr. Daniel J. Levitin

New York Times Bestselling Author, "This Is Your Brain on Music”

“An authentic, high vibrational book about love, loss, sound healing and the power of music to bring transformation and peace.”

Lauren London


“I’ve been blessed to get to know miss Jeralyn and the joy, healing, and clarity she’s introduced into my life is insurmountable. By teaching me how to harness the power of my own voice and energy coupled with crystal bowls she introduced me to my inner healer. She’s A true angel. May she reap all the love and beauty she sows in the world.”

Solana Rowe (SZA)

Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

“This book helped me to understand the healing properties and magic of
music and sound, as well as giving me more understanding of the beautiful
soul of the woman who wrote it.”

Jada Pinkett Smith

Co-host Red Table Talk, New York Times Bestselling Author of “Worthy”

“I have been fortunate to attend Jeralyn’s sound experiences and they have been extremely powerful and sublime. In this book, Jeralyn shares this incredible experience with all readers, through masterfully demonstrating the transformative power of sound and music, and their ability to heal and awaken.”

Jay Shetty

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author and host of the On Purpose podcast

“Understanding how vibrations and music affect our lives can help us enhance our lives. Sacred Vibrations is a book that can help us all.”

Victor L. Wooten

5x Grammy Award Winning Bassist, Author, Creator Vix Camps

Sacred Vibrations is truly a journey filled with Sound, Light and Love! Jeralyn Glass shares her remarkable story of trauma, healing and illumination. Her book is filled with extraordinary encounters with amazing beings throughout the planet who helped guide Jeralyn on her path of recovery after the untimely passing of her son Dylan. Through working with the vibrational essence of sound healing and in particular Crystal Bowls, Jeralyn has made a remarkable transition into health, wellness and wholeness. There’s much information on sound healing, crystal bowls and much more. But most of all Sacred Vibrations is a heartfelt story of hope and redemption that will assist and inspire the life experience of every reader.

Andi & Jonathan Goldman

Authors of the award winning books, “The Humming Effect and “Chakra Frequencies”

“Jeralyn’s faith in the healing power of sound is based on heart-wrenching personal experience, as well as a lifetime of dedication to serving beauty and joy to the world through the medium of music. Her story is key to understanding the depth of her life’s work, and I’m so grateful that in this book not only does she elucidate compelling case studies and anecdotes from her professional practice, but also vulnerably shares her own journey of healing from the loss of a child, perhaps one of the greatest pains of life. Jeralyn is truly an ambassador for sacred sound. I pray the vibration and essence of this book reaches around the globe!”

Jahnavi Harrison

Musician, Singer, Writer, Artist

“I am grateful that Jeralyn is exploring and exposing these ideas to the world! Her passion for healing with sound is invigorating and inspirational. I hope her book will ignite that spark within you! Thank you Jeralyn and Hay House for bringing these concepts more into the mainstream and helping to shift consciousness!”


record producer, songwriter, and singer. Bringing sound healing mainstream

“Even though Jeralyn Glass has experienced tremendous grief — her life and work is evidence that sound and music can heal the heart and unite us with spirit. Jeralyn’s dedication to sharing vibrational medicine with the world is positively infectious and I am privileged to call her a dear friend.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who is ready to understand how sound and vibration can help heal their life.”

Kyle Gray

Bestselling Author of “Raise Your Vibration” and “Angel Numbers”

“Exciting new studies show us that sound truly is medicine and can heal us in remarkable ways. Jeralyn’s beautiful, heartfelt book, Sacred Vibrations, gives you an illuminating tour of this emerging discipline from one of its virtuoso practitioners. It is not a book of mere theory, though; it is a magical tapestry, woven with raw stories, inspiring examples, and practices that touch us at the core.”

Stephen Dinan

CEO of The Shift Network, author of “Sacred America, Sacred World”

“Jeralyn has a beautiful way of speaking through vibrations. The vibrations of her singing bowls like the vibrations of this book leave you inspired, uplifted and empowered to raise your vibration and live your most authentic life no matter what challenges you face.”

Koya Webb

Author “Let Your Fears Make You Fierce”

“With Sacred Vibrations, Jeralyn Glass combines moving personal stories with cutting-edge research and emerges as a leading voice in the field of sound healing. This book is certain to inspire and guide people in the use of music as medicine for healing and transformation.”

Marci Shimoff

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author, “Happy For No Reason” and transformational leader

“Jeralyn is clearly part of a sacred army of love and enlightenment. And she adds to a canon of sacred texts with this deeply vulnerable yet enthralling revelation about the depths of music’s power to heal. Despite her credentials and authority, her intimately vivid writing conveys a wisdom grounded in testimony rather than pretentious lecture, allowing us to connect deeply with both her and ourselves on our collective healing journey. Not only is Sacred Vibrations a magnificent read from intro to the Final Word, it is also a timely prescription for so much of our world’s current ills. The text transports you through the portal of Jeralyn’s life into the transcendent possibilities of accessing a realm beyond our senses through music. It is both an exploration and an instruction manual for how to heal in a world so wrought with grief and tragedy.”

Elaine Welteroth

Award Winning Journalist, New York Times Bestselling Author, “More Than Enough”, and Jonathan Singletary, Musician

“Sacred Vibrations is a generous and heartfelt journey deep into the heart of how sound has the power to transform, transmute, lift and carry us through the hills and valleys of life. Moving, original and inspiring, this book is a must read for any student of healing with sound and music.”

Eileen Day McKusick

Founder, Biofield Tuning, Author “Tuning the Human Biofield” and “Electric Body, Electric Health”

“Jeralyn Glass is a brilliant educator and guide on the healing power of sound, and this book will open the hearts and minds of so many.”

Lee Harris

Intuitive guide, Author, Singer-Songwriter, Energy Speaks Channeler

“Jeralyn Glass’s ‘Sacred Vibrations’ is a profound journey into the heart of sound healing, offering transformative insights and techniques for harnessing the power of crystalline sound and music. With her deep expertise and personal healing journey, Glass illuminates the path to harmony, wellness, and a deeper connection with the universal language of music. This book is an essential resource for anyone seeking to explore the healing potential of sound and its capacity to bring peace, balance, and joy into their lives.”

Kristen Butler

CEO Power of Positivity, Best-Selling Author, SUCCESS Magazine “Emerging Entrepreneur”

 “Jeralyn Glass has composed one of the most in-depth books I have ever read on the healing power of music. She masterfully embodies the expression of the angels and reveals them so beautifully. SACRED VIBRATIONS is brilliant, precise, and an incredible must read for healing your heart and soul.”

James Van Praagh

Master Teacher, Best Selling Author of “Talking to Heaven”

“A captivating exploration of the intersection between music, spirituality, and healing. Jeralyn’s personal experiences are woven throughout, making the book all the more poignant. A sacred celebration of the sound vibrations connecting heaven and earth.”

Anita Moorjani

New York Times Bestselling Author of “Dying to Be Me”

“Jeralyn Glass is not just a master of sound, she is a master of heart. Her life’s work, the depth of her lived experience and her mission to help others have made her work potent with transformation and a kind of inspiration that makes you approach your purpose with a little more reverence and joy!”

Devi Brown

Master Well-being Educator and Author

“Jeralyn’s words sing like music to longing hearts eager to meet the majesty of their own soul. A gift is found on every page and a treasure is revealed within.”


Author, Poet, Musician

“Jeralyn’s expertise in Sacred Vibrations: The Transformative Power of Crystalline Sound and Music shines through in every page, offering a captivating blend of wisdom, science, and spiritual insight. This book is a true gem in the world of healing literature.”

Lalah Delia

Author of "Vibrate Higher Daily”

“Sacred Vibrations is a beautiful book about sound healing through which is woven the vulnerable and expansive story of Jeralyn Glass’s transformational journey to wholeness through sound and vibrational energy. It beautifully combines the practical and the ineffable in a gripping read that will inspire readers into thinking of music as medicine.”

Kulreet Chaudhary

M.D., Neurologist, neuroscientist and author of Sound Medicine

“Professor Glass’ Sacred Vibrations is a tour-de-force exposition in the art of sound medicine, both ancient and modern, which beautifully and seamlessly marries sound with spirit. My healing experience in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, in 1997, led me on a quest to acquire knowledge of sound’s therapeutic powers, and over a 25-year span, I have collected a significant library of books on this important subject. But during all of those years, and in all of those books, I have not encountered any that carry the loving heart energy contained in Professor Glass’ Sacred Vibrations book. Reading Professor Glass’ profound and magical journey through sound, reconnected me with the sense of awe and wonder that I experienced that day in 1997, and helped me remember that sound is not only an aspect of life, but that life is also an aspect of sound. Sacred Vibrations is highly recommended reading for anyone on a path to discover sound as a catalyst for natural healing in the 21st century.”

John Stuart Reid

Acoustic Scientist, Inventor of the Cymascope

“The Ancient Egyptians knew that the musical proportions resonated with the laws of creation and they knew music as a way of interacting with the mind of God. This resonance with the Divine elevates human emotions to create the harmony of Heaven on Earth. Jeralyn has managed to elevate her emotional trauma to spiritual levels through musical experience and knowledge. This radiates through the crystal singing bowls. I was fascinated by their sound and in exploring them scientifically the BioGeometry team discovered they contain high levels of BG3, which is the one harmonizing subtle energy quality that is present in all sacred spots around the world. This book unites the understanding of our ancestors with the wisdom of today through vibration and coherence.”

Dr. Ibrahim Karim

Founder of the Science of BioGeometry, Author, Architect

“In this high note among books on sound healing, Jeralyn Glass takes the topic beyond theory and practice, making it both practical and deeply personal. Despite her unparalleled expertise in music and sound, she calls in a choir of other experts to round out this beautiful symphony of vibrational wisdom. Ultimately, this poignant teaching memoir is about far more than the title suggests. It is a primer for the soul’s journey Home.”

Suzanne Giesemann

Author of Messages of Hope and The Awakened Way - Making the Shift to a Divinely Guided Life.

“Within the vibrations and harmonies of sound and music there is magic! Music comes from the other side of the veil where there is a vastness of nothing but love. Your soul essence carries a remembrance of this music, which is filled with love and compassion. That remembrance is what Jeralyn Glass has been able to tap into in order to share the sacred vibrations of the universe with humanity.”

Lee Carroll

Original Channel for Kryon

“The playwright Tennessee Williams once said, ‘The world is violent and mercurial. It will have its way with you. We are saved only by love.’ This same insight is everywhere in evidence in Jeralyn Glass’s beautiful book Sacred Vibrations. She locates ‘the frequency of love’ in music and sound. She has a religious guide’s grasp of the power of faith and forgiveness; a virtuoso musician’s commitment to craft; a scientist’s curiosity about why and under what conditions sound can heal us; and the heart of a great mother. Her story is a quest, not only for herself, but for us.

Mike Magee

President of Minerva University

“Jeralyn’s ability to convey the healing and transformative potential of sound is commendable. From a life immersed in music, she weaves together intuition, science, and knowledge of how vibrations affect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in music for healing.”

Karina Stewart

Chief Wellness Director and Co-Founder of Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Award Winning Holistic Spa, Thailand

“Jeralyn Glass’s Sacred Vibrations reads like a three voice Bach Fugue written inside a crystal. One voice sings to her son Dylan, another voice tells her story as a classical musician traveling the world, and the third voice is a crystal bowl singing. The voices sound an amazing counter point through which the reader enters into the many facets of the crystalline sound and music of a singing bowl. Readers will discover, as I did, the voices in their own lives dissolving into heart felt crystal clarity.”

John Beaulieu

N.D., Ph.D. Author of “Human Tuning”, Creator of Biosonic Tuning Forks

“This book warmed my soul! Jeralyn Glass is a treasured healer to this world. Her incredible teachings using sound and stories of her soulful son Dylan and their sacred connection are gifted to us in this beautiful new book.
Pick up this book, read and hear the love it has to offer and you will find a new undiscovered path to your inner knowing and healing!”

MaryAnn DiMarco

Psychic-medium, spiritual teacher and author of “Medium Mentor 10 Powerful Techniques to Awaken Divine Guidance for Yourself and Others”

“Jeralyn Glass’s ‘Sacred Vibrations’ is a transformative odyssey that harmonizes the soul’s deepest grief with its most exalted joys. Through her personal journey, Glass not only uncovers the healing power of crystalline sound and music but also invites us to explore our own inner landscapes with courage and openness. Her narrative, rich and resonant with the language of the heart, echoes the universal quest for peace, healing, and connection. As a composer deeply invested in the healing properties of music, sound and vibration, I am moved by Jeralyn’s exploration and application of sound as a bridge between worlds, both seen and unseen. Her work is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative potential of music.”

Barry Goldstein

Multi Award Winning Composer, Producer and Best-Selling Author

“Blessings to all who read Jeralyn’s book. The past three years have been some
of the most challenging of my life. Each and every evening of this journey I listened to
Jeralyn’s astounding crystalline music on Youtube, and each and every evening a great sense of peace washed over me. Troubles were set at bay, and a feeling of complete calm embraced me. And now Jeralyn has written the story of how an unthinkable tragedy placed her on the path to becoming one of the most powerful spiritual leaders in our world today. Her triumph over grief has taken her and those lucky enough to be in her presence to a higher form of consciousness.”

Janet Leahy

Emmy Award Winning Television Writer and Executive Producer

“If you’re ready to experience more peace in your heart, more joy in your life, and relaxation at a cellular level, look no further… In Sound Vibrations Jeralyn Glass shares her wisdom, story, and the exquisite power of healing through sound so you can expand your vision, step in to grace, and truly transform your life”

Niyc Pidgeon

Positive Psychologist & Best Selling Author of “Now is Your Chance”

“Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with Jeralyn Glass’s latest masterpiece, Sacred Vibrations. As a musician and seeker of intentional sound, Jeralyn weaves together the threads of her own experiences to offer a beacon of hope to all who seek mental, physical, and emotional balance. Through her profound understanding of
the transformative power of sound, Jeralyn guides us to anchor ourselves in a system of wellness where intentional sound becomes our much-needed medicine. She shares how sound has been her steadfast companion, leading her from grief to joy. Join Jeralyn on this transformative journey and unlock the sacred vibrations within yourself.”

Isaac Koren and Thorald Koren

Creators of The Songwriter’s Journey

“The combination of science and the sublime power of music to take us into the extraordinary; the pairing of Beethoven and crystal singing bowls, and a cast of leaders and practitioners in the field of sound medicine are woven throughout the pages of this informative and touching book. Jeralyn’s collaborative journey brings us a symphony of “sacred vibrations”. There are beautiful discoveries waiting for you. This book is for anyone wanting to explore sound as medicine, especially with the crystal singing bowls. As musicians Cacina and I are entranced by Jeralyn’s expansive work and we’re delighted to endorse it. “

Anders Holte & Cacina Meadu

Interdimensional, Transformational Musicians

I have witnessed Jeralyn’s incredible journey, from meeting her not long after the tragety of losing her son, with the unimaginable grief that followed, to see her turn her life around with sound. After going through a similar experience with a loved one, I couldn’t help but to reach out to her and our beautiful friendship began there. I felt so blessed to witness her connecting with her son again in a new relationship that involved finding her path and purpose in a partnership that is a real example of a bridge built between two souls in two worlds. Jeralyn and her son Dylan’s journey, inspires so many in different ways and teaches us the power of love, sound, music, singing bowls, and mantra, as a way to bridge heaven and earth. In this book she has woven her inspiring story with the knowledge she has gained from the incredible synchronicities and guidance from her son on the other side, meeting teachers and experts in the field of sound healing. Offering us a way to come home to the heart through sound, and backing it up with some of the science behind it. Together in this informative book, mother and son are bringing us closer to understanding and utilizing the magical mystery of sound.

Kevin James

Musician, flute player and chant leader

“Musician Jeralyn Glass is wise to the ways of sound as healer. With tenderness, she guides us into vibrating singing bowls and music as medicine and miracle.”

Joshua Leeds

Music producer, Author of “The Power of Sound”

“As soon as I opened the pages of, “Sacred Vibrations” I found myself in tears,
healing tears, tears of recognition of your unique purpose this lifetime. “Sacred Vibrations” is a symphony of consciousness. Jeralyn Glass courageously transmits through her multifaceted understanding, exemplary musical talent, and healing wisdom, the sacred purpose, and primordial power of Sound to awaken and restore humanity’s original capacities to express, embody and to live together in harmony from Source – Unconditional Love.”

Chloë Goodchild

Author, Voice Healer, and Founder of The Naked Voice

“Sacred Vibrations is awe inspiring! Jeralyn’s life journey, and way of navigating tragedy, loss, and grief, producing the gift of Sacred Vibrations is testament to the power of frequency. This is truly the future of medicine, our resonant being, vibrating the cells and mitochondria and aligning our fields, is our true glory. Our ability to heal and become whole can be enhanced and expedited with the flow of information on these frequencies. Bravo!”

Dr. Greg Eckel

Energy4life Centers, Park City, Utah

“Jeralyn Glass is a member of the legion of investigators pursuing in their various ways the use of music as an agent for physiological, psychological, and spiritual healing. On the other side of the transformational intensity of her life and musical experience, Dr. Glass absolutely radiates extraordinary joy and wisdom. Sacred Vibrations takes us through her own resonant story: an ongoing tale of music, life, exhilaration, despair, discovery, and healing.”

Dr. Vern Falby

Former faculty at Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University

“Sacred Vibrations is an absolute life-changing masterpiece that intertwines the realms of ancient wisdom and modern science and applies it to real life. In my role as a researcher and clinical director for an organization supporting cancer patients and their families, I approach new therapies with wariness and scrutiny. When Jeralyn first introduced the concept of healing through crystal alchemy, I was cautious at first. However, when I finally opened myself and our cancer community up to the therapeutic power of crystal alchemy, I witnessed and felt first-hand the transformative therapeutic power of the crystal alchemy sound bowls. Repeatedly, I heard from cancer patients who shared their stories of discovering comfort, healing, and hope through Jeralyn’s knowledge and her crystal alchemy sound bath sessions. Through the subtle energies of crystals, they discovered a sanctuary within themselves, where pain dissolved, and tranquility reigned. This book serves as a roadmap, guiding both patients and caregivers alike towards a deeper understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection.
In the symphony of life, Sacred Vibrations stands as a symphony of hope, offering respite and renewal to all who seek it. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone embarking on their own journey of healing and self-discovery.”

Nancy Lomibao

Chief Clinical Officer / Program Director, Cancer Support Community, South Bay

“Our pediatric hospice program has been blessed to experience the positive impact of crystal sound healing described in this book. Be it on Zoom or in person with Jeralyn or her Sacred Science of Sound Practitioners, they know how to transform sorrow into inner radiance.“

Margaret Servin

Clinical Supervisor for Providence Kids Care, Los Angeles

“In her book, Jeralyn explains the curative power of sound vibration to improve and even heal a wide range of ailments and ‘dis-ease,’ from incurable cancer to the passing of a loved one. She includes scientific studies by expert doctors, PhDs, and musicians to describe such minute details as the transformation and improvement of our very cell structure that occurs through the miracle of sound healing. This soothing modality of crystalline bowls has allowed thousands of parents and families to move forward and experience joy, knowing that our children in spirit are still right here. Thank you, Jeralyn.”

Elizabeth Boisson

President and co-founder of Helping Parents Heal, Inc.

“Music and Sound have been Jeralyn’s life! From her extraordinary singing career around the world in the first half of her life, and following the devastating loss of her only child, Jeralyn has found a way in the second half of her life to find healing for herself and connection to her son through sound healing using Crystal Singing Bowls.
Her journey may help others struggling to find healing and connection through the medium of sound as a transformative medicine for the heart, body, mind and soul.
Even if a cure is not possible, healing is.”

Dr. Glen Komatsu

Chief Medical Officer, Providence Hospice & Palliative Care, Los Angeles

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