Meet Our Visualizers
Dr. Daniel Levitin
Neuroscientist, Cognitive Psychologist, Bestselling Author, Musician
Lee Harris
Energy Intuitive, Channeler, Musician, Author
Jeralyn Glass
Sacred Science of Sound®, Crystal Cadence®, Singer, Author, Professor
Dr. Sue Morter
Bioenergetics Pioneer, BodyAwake Yoga®, The Energy Codes®
Victor Wooten
5x Grammy-Award Winning Bassist,
Vix Camps, Author
Multi-Platinum Producer, Musician, Mainstream Music @432Hz
Jonathan Goldman
Sound Healing Pioneer, Award Winning Musician, Watkins 100 Most Spiritually Influential People
John Stuart Reid
Acoustic Scientist, Cymatics, Inventor Cymascope


Dana Austin
Award-Winning Director/Producer, Integrative Sound & Movement, Visual Artist
Jahnavi Harrison
Musician, Writer, Artist, Singer of Sacred Song & Mantra
Kevin James
Singer, Songwriter, Mantras & Heartsongs, Chanting Circles
Eileen McKusick
Founder Biofield Tuning, Teacher, Author
Jonathan & Andi Goldman
Award Winning Authors, The Humming Effect, Master Teachers
Sole Carbone
Chinese Medicine Doctor, Holotropic Breathwork, Integrative Therapist
Anders Holte & Cacina Meadu 
Musicians of Interdimensional Sound
Doreya Karim
Researcher, Teacher, Director BioGeometry
Dr. Ibrahim Karim
Architect, Author, Founder BioGeometry
Singer, Cellist, Meditations for Children

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There is a common denominator in every facet of life.
When we understand these connections, we heal and experience wholeness.
Today’s science and the power of music to transform us merges with ancient wisdom.
Immerse yourself in meditations, mantra, tuning forks, cymatics, yoga, and the science of sound as you learn from leaders in the field of music as medicine.
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