About Crystal Cadence

Welcome to Crystal Cadence in Los Angeles, home of one of the largest displays of crystal alchemy singing bowls in the world, and a place for Song and Sound Healing.

Cadence is defined by Webster as “a rhythmic sequence or flow of sounds in language, or recurring sounds in nature.” Quantum Science has proven that everything is energy, including us. Crystals are conduits which have the ability to transform, absorb, amplify and transmit. A crystal cadence is the activation of our authentic self through sound vibration. Every alchemy has a unique and different effect and in combination with the “cadences” the musical vibrations of the alchemy crystal singing bowls, we can experience a deep stilling of the mind, profound relaxation and regeneration, and the sense of embodiment of light, purity, and wholeness.

As we find ourselves in unprecedented times, experiencing fear, stress, anxiety, and increased demands and pressures, sound is a way to return to wholeness and harmony. Professor Jeralyn Glass, founder of Crystal Cadence, is an internationally known sound healer and musical artist. Her work is a unique blend of a classical career with leadership, teaching, meditation and high vibrational healing sound.

Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls™…..the difference is crystal clear. 

Sound has been a ‘go to’ Medicine in nearly every culture since the beginning of Time. Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries. Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls were created in the year 2000 and are truly sonic tools for this Age of Awakening, as we rediscover our innate abilities to tune in to frequencies. Scientists have confirmed that the universe and everything in it is moving to specific tones and vibrations. Now, more than ever, we are all embracing our individual ability to recognize not only the purity and clarity of energy contained in a given frequency, but how it effects us mentally, spiritually and emotionally. As our bodies are crystalline in structure, we absorb the quartz sounds easily. Quartz crystal singing bowls are now recognized as powerful tools to assist in connecting us to positive and healthy vibrations.

Crystal Tones are made with the highest grade Quartz Crystal guaranteed to be 99.99% pure!

The alchemy singing bowls are produced on a one of a kind custom built machine that utilizes a proprietary quartz fusion technology. This allows for the absolute highest magma temperature during production and creates a stable crystalline matrix structure in every Crystal Tones bowl. There is a quality difference you can clearly see, hear and feel. The quartz comes from one of the most sought after mines in North Carolina, known worldwide for its unsurpassed quality and are produced in the USA. They are infused with gemstones, earth substances and minerals such as ruby, amethyst, emerald, iron, rose quartz, shungite, frankincense and precious metals like platinum and 24 carat gold.

Crystal Cadence has over 500 Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ in the Crystal Cadence studio in Los Angeles, California.

Experience firsthand the profundity and exquisite clarity of these finely tuned instruments. Join Jeralyn for one of her Healing Sound Events, experience a one to one or small group crystal alchemy sound healing, book a consultation to purchase your very own crystal singing bowls, or even try a transformational voice lesson integrating alchemy singing bowls. Jeralyn is a leading Crystal Bowl Master who can help you find the bowl or tuned set of bowls that is perfect for your needs and your budget.

Heart to heart from Jeralyn:

In 2008, I purchased a 7 bowl set of Crystal Tones Singing Bowls. I was immediately taken with their purity and clarity of sound and I used them for myself, my family and my students. They helped open blockages, relieved stress, eased physical pains and enhanced freedom of expression. My son loved their magic. During the semifinals of a national singing contest in Germany his voice began to shift to his adult sound. A nightmare when you have to sing a contest at age 12. We vocalized daily using a small G note Citrine singing bowl. The frequencies gave him a stability, enabling him to sing confidently and easily as he shifted to his ‘grown up’ sound. He announced to the public “My name is Dylan and since one week I’m no longer a Saprano”. The audience roared. We shared so many things, love of nature, love of cooking, love of skiing, and especially, love of music.

On March 27, 2015, my life changed forever when I lost him. My only child, my beloved son, 19 years old. My world was shaken to the very core and I was brought to my knees. Nothing made sense anymore. Everything I believed about life was in question. 

Never had I imagined that one day music and sound would be my emotional stability through such unimaginable loss. Life became a journey of negotiating profound grief, and music and sound vibration created the container that held me on the the healing path through that anguish. When the feelings were overwhelming, the crystalline alchemy sounds offered me comfort and friendship. The powerful and grounding tones of the alchemy crystal singing bowls soothed, allowed me to move through the feelings and brought, acceptance, hope and transmutation.

Whatever is longing to shift in you, to open, to release,  to transform.I look forward to sharing these state of the art sonic tools with you. Crystal Cadence. Music of the Heart.

Beyond words. Beyond understanding. Sacred Sounds.  

In Light and Love,

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