About Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls

What are Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls?

Crystal Singing Bowls are sound healing instruments made only with the highest grade of quartz crystal which is guaranteed to be over 99.99% pure. Crystal Tones Singing Bowls uses quartz from the most sought after mine in North Carolina, known world wide for its unsurpassed quality and are produced in the USA.

The alchemy singing bowls are produced on a one of a kind custom built machine that utilizes a proprietary quartz fusion technology. This allows for the absolute highest magma temperature during production and creates a stable crystalline matrix structure in every Crystal Tones bowl. There is a quality difference you can clearly see, hear and feel. They are infused with gemstones, earth substances and minerals such as imperial topaz, charcoal, morganite, turquoise, citrine and precious metals like platinum and 24 carat gold.

 How do you use Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls?

Crystal Singing bowls can be used in a variety of ways to help with relaxation and rejuvenation, with sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, grief, physical pain and addiction. The can be used as a musical instrument to inspire creativity and bring joy. You can learn to play them for yourself and integrate them in your daily life as a sound healing meditation practice and you can experience them in a sound bath in a seated or reclining position or laying down at the end of a yoga practice in Shivasana. Sound has become the medicine of our times as people search for new ways to bring inner peace and stress relief.The Crystal Cadence You Tube Channel offers a free library of over a hundred unique alchemy singing bowl meditations.

Are there Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls available near me?

Crystal Cadence is located in Los Angeles where we currently offer online video consultations and The Sacred Science of Sound Crystal Alchemy Virtual Trainings, 4 hour intro trainings and 32 hour intensive trainings. We offer private and group mentoring. We ship world wide. In this time of social distancing, the use of these exquisite and profound sonic tools of transformation is changing lives around the globe. We are honored at Crystal Cadence to be one of the leading experts stewarding this potent healing through crystal alchemy sound.

What is a Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl Meditation?

A crystal singing bowl meditation is the use of one or more singing bowls played with the intention to heal and bring deep relaxation. “Frequency + Intention = Healing” wrote Sound Healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman. There are many ways to lead a singing bowl meditation, and every teacher has their own unique style. As Sound Healing is a therapeutic art and practice, it is important to have some training and musical knowledge as you work with a variety of notes and tunings. Crystal singing bowl meditations can be guided and/or simply the pure tones of the bowls. Alchemy bowls create a different experience than the plain quartz bowls as you have the added elements of gemstones, minerals, precious metals or earth substances which are amplified in the sound vibrations making for a rich and deep tonal blanket.


As a leading expert in Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, we can answer these questions and more!

Welcome to the Crystal Cadence Sound Healing Studio, home of the Los Angeles Crystal Tones Singing Bowl Temple™, one of the most renowned training centers and largest displays of Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls in the world.

We offer a variety of services, including how to find the right Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl for you, Transformational Voice Lessons, Sound Healing Treatments, Mentoring Programs, Healing Music Concerts, Sound Baths, and Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl Trainings.

Did you know that Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls can be used for meditation, in health and wellness, for focus and concentration, in music, and as a healing tool? Grammy-nominated Singer/Songwriter Jhené Aiko integrates them throughout her top-charted Chilombo album. They are being implemented to assist cancer patients, Alzheimers, hospice, recovery, during pregnancy, as well as for those suffering from addiction, depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. The Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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