Sound Bath Recordings

Gratitude, Grace & Grounding Healing Sound Bath

By Jeralyn Glass

A celebration of our roots and a vibrational experience of the power of giving thanks. 

Solstice 2020 Healing Sound Bath

By Jeralyn Glass

We honor the birth of the Light and the longest night of the year through music, song, and high vibrational sound. A time for peaceful stillness, to reflect on what has been; a year of profound changes around the globe and to acknowledge where we have come. We set intentions for new possibilities and the birthing of our inner radiance and passion. In this exalted time of the cosmic forces, we embrace the darkness and open to the light; a time of renewal, release, and new beginnings.

New Moon in Capricorn

By Jeralyn Glass

A powerful time of new beginnings and rooting. Master alchemist and Musician Jeralyn Glass will lead you in an activation of the New Moon energies with the exquisite and sacred sounds of the powerful Alchemy Singing Bowls holding space for intention setting and manifestation, recharging, renewing, and anchoring your personal magic.

A New Moon marks the beginning of a brand new cycle, and brings an energy of receptivity and potential. This is an optimum time to plant seeds of intention to create and manifest in your life.

Join Jeralyn for the New Moon Sound Activation January 13 and embrace the special lunar energies. Take the time and space to remember, reconnect and to create SACRED SPACE for yourself and with one another. We Allow sound to be our connection and our anchor as we gather together for awakening and rebirth.

Heart Activation Sound Healing Bath

By Jeralyn Glass

A special heart-centered crystal alchemy singing bowl activation. Be immersed as we join hands and hearts around the world through sound vibration. Create new neuro pathways of human connection, expanding the field of consciousness.


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