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I first discovered these beautiful Zaphir chimes which are handmade in the South of France during the time I was living in Germany working as an opera singer, professor and leading The kids4kids world foundation. The sounds I heard that first time were like the bells of the heavens and I quickly purchased them and integrated them into our music therapy program. The innocent, playful and pure sounds in the 5 different tunings make them the perfect companion to beginning or ending a Crystal Alchemy healing sound session or my Soul Soothing Sound Baths. They have become a staple for me and my students.

The instrument is created with 8 metal cords of varying lengths, formed together and held with a metal ring. The cords are then tuned and voila!… they chime a most magical play of harmonies and overtones, perfect for accompanying the crystal alchemy singing bowls. Many times people will ask me what the special sounds are at the end of a sound bath. {normally their eyes are closed so they can not see the colorful instruments.} I have been told they remind people of their childhood, of the innocence of waiting for the ice cream man or the sounds of angels.

Crystal Cadence stocks a supply of the 5 different tunings which I match according to the bowls you have chosen for your alchemy crystal sound healing set.

Total Chime Length: 14.5″
Chime Length: 5″
Chime Diameter: 2.5″

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