Welcome to my Music page! It is my great joy to share with you the Albums, Videos, Downloads, Mediations and Tune Ups we have available for you. All my current music is integrated with the celestial and transformational Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls, high vibrational healing instruments. I’ve been a professional singer since I was 19, and this part of my creative journey is especially rewarding. Because of you. Thank you for listening and I look forward to connecting through sound.

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Jeralyn Glass featuring Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls

Distributed and Promoted by Bongo Boy Records

A New Age Album that is a powerful combination of cover songs and original material each uniquely infused with the vibrational frequencies of crystal alchemy singing bowls, meditation, vocals and propelled by the rhythm of the Grammy Award Winning pianist and composer Laurence Hobgood and his Trio.

Forever Love

Jeralyn Glass

An unusual combination of Vocals, Crystal Bowls, Instruments and Classic Songs. Listen to the poignant voice of Jeralyn Glass sing beautifully orchestrated versions of well loved favorites such as Over the Rainbow, Forever Young, and Nature Boy.

The Holy Days

A Holiday Celebration – Jeralyn Glass and Dr. Sue Morter

An extraordinary journey thru Crystal Alchemy Music & Sound Vibration. Traditional Holiday Songs nested within Enlightenment & Embodiment Meditations. Discover an elevated Holy Day perspective for Healing, Transcendence, Peace in the Body & Peace on Earth

Chill and Heal

A guided meditation focused on the balancing and harmonizing of your endocrine system, with Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls
By Jeralyn Glass

Gymnopédie No. 1

By Jeralyn Glass

This spectacular new recording will change the way you think about music. It begins as the intriguing partnership of two world class musicians in separate domains — Jeralyn in the world of classical and Broadway singing, and Laurence in the world of jazz.

Grateful Heart:
An Inward Journey of Peace

By Jeralyn Glass

Bask in the healing vibrations of the crystal alchemy singing bowls played by master alchemist Jeralyn Glass, in combination with the poignant sounds of Kevin James on the Shakuhachi flute. Allow the vibrational frequency of Gratitude to ground in your heart. Breathe deeply. Feel an Inner Stillness. Be at Peace.

Healing Transmission at 528Hz

By Jeralyn Glass

Take time for yourself, allow expansiveness. Breathe deeply and connect to the universal field of intelligence where all things are possible. An advanced alchemy chakra set tuned to 528Hz, the frequency of unconditional love and DNA repair.  This beautiful recording has been used exclusively by Dr. Sue Morter for her monthly healing transmissions.  

Let it Go, Let it Flow Meditation

By Jeralyn Glass

Recalibrate at 528 Hz Meditation

By Jeralyn Glass

Escape The Mind

New Age Complication Volume Three – Various Artists

1. Deva Premal – Seven Chakra Gayatri Mantra 9:11
2. Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix- Vajra Sattva Mantra – Diamond Light Transmission 15:24
3. Grayhawk – Guardians of Goddess Thien Hau feat. Hai Phuong 6:06
4. Jeralyn Glass – Vibrance 7:59
5. Jason Campbell and Robin Campbell – Reflect – Metal of Tao 5:07
6. Mirabai Ceiba – We Are The Mirror 6:31
7. Robert Slap – Migration 4:54
8. Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix- Ancient Canyons 9:07
9. Kevin Kastning – Construction 2a 6:09
10. Jeralyn Glass – Gymnopedie#1 8:45
11. Charles Brown – Sunrise Serenade 3:14
12. Bruce Lev – Rejuvenation 7:25
13. Scott Kuchler – Amitabha 2:23


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