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Transform Your Week With Crystallines Sound Vibration

In our 7-day course you will learn about the balsam of healing sound vibration and some of the science behind it. You will learn practical tools to apply daily and experience 7 deep sound bath immersions as you dive into the world of crystal alchemy singing bowls.

Join me for this fascinating 7-day course where we will learn, explore, and practice exercises using crystalline sound and experience daily alchemy meditations and transmissions. We will strengthen our connection to ourselves and bring stability and inspiration through music, sound vibration,and uniquely powerful and exquisite gemstone-infused crystal alchemy singing bowls.

Each class will have a 12-minute sound healing experience with crystal alchemy singing bowls, chosen especially for the specific themes by internationally known master alchemist Professor Jeralyn Glass. Additionally, each set will be activating and amplifying the vibrational frequency of Love, the most necessary component of transformation and healing.

Release & Ground with the Healing Sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls

Delve deeper into an authentic expression of who you truly are with the healing sounds of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ — and cultivate a grounded sense of inner stability, no matter what’s going on around you.

Bridging Heaven & Earth with the Healing Sounds of Crystal Bowls

Discover the authentic expression of who you truly are, find a grounded state of joy, and experience a connection between heaven and earth as you receive the healing sounds of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™.

July Full Buck Moon Alchemy Crystalline Virtual Healing Sound Bath

A potent time to reflect and renew as the summer peaks.  Celebrate the abundance in your life and the progress you are making with an alchemy crystalline sound immersion.


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