Introducing the Crystal Sound Healing Oracle
by Jeralyn Glass

Please enjoy this video made especially for you, Dr. Sue’s Energy Codes and Live Awake Community. I share a few behind the scenes stories about the bowls and the creating of this one-of-a-kind oracle. Experience a sound bath immersion played live with one of the sets in the deck. All the bonuses are available for you when you purchase the Crystal Sound Healing Oracle (from your local bookseller or those listed below).

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About the Deck

A transformational crystal alchemy sound healing experience.

The Crystal Sound Healing Oracle Card deck was conceived from a long standing vision to support you integrating healing sound vibration in an easy, playful, creative and fun way into your daily life. With this interactive first-of-its-kind Sound Healing Oracle Card Deck, you can experience the magic of healing sound from wherever you are. Use the QR codes on the back of each card to hear and absorb the harmonics of the magnificent crystalline instruments. Choose your card and receive your alchemy message and mantra. You do not need to have a crystal bowl to experience the beautiful tones. The deck is comprised of 48 cards, including 44 single bowl cards plus 4 cards with harmonic sets. Each single bowl card has a :44 second stereo recorded accompanying sound bite, and the four harmonic sets have a 1:44 second stereo recorded accompanying sound bite. The QR codes take you to the recordings, where you can easily experience the rich tones of the crystal singing bowls through your mobile device, with or without headphones. Their frequencies open the senses, helping release and transform stuck, long buried or blocked energies. They ground, center, uplift and help you to sustain an elevated vibration!

 Inside the Deck

You are invited to explore this unique Crystal Sound Healing Oracle interactive card deck and receive the wisdom of the ancient yet modern world of Sound Healing, Energy and Frequency. Alchemy sound has been known to aid in emotional balance, sleep difficulties, anxiety, stress reduction, depression, pain relief, enhance creativity, support visions, and so much more. The card deck was lovingly created with high intentions for your well-being. Evocative watercolor paintings, in combination with golden sacred geometry shapes and powerful photography infuse a special visual magic into the oracle deck. The potent tones of the crystal alchemy singing bowls help quiet your mind and anchor you in your body, in wholeness and in harmony, connecting you to your authentic self. When you are in that vibrational space, healing can happen. When you listen, breathe, receive and integrate, healing can remain.

Meet the Author, Jeralyn Glass

Jeralyn Glass is an internationally acclaimed singer, musician, and leader in the field of sound healing who has been sharing the gift of music medicine with the world for decades. She began her career on Broadway and has sung on opera and concert stages around the globe, and offers a unique alchemical blend of classical music, meditation, and high vibrational sound. She has performed alongside New Thought Leaders and best-selling authors. Merging quantum science, bioenergetics, and crystalline sound vibration, Jeralyn helps people facilitate healing and transformation with the power of music and sacred frequencies that nourish our bodies, connect us with our hearts, and awaken our consciousness. She created The Sacred Science of Sound educational platform and Crystal Cadence Sound Healing Studio and Temple of Alchemy, and she offers her internationally acclaimed Crystal Singing Bowl Trainings and consultations personally curating your bowl “mates”. Jeralyn is the author of the Crystal Sound Healing Oracle, the first interactive card deck of its kind, as well as a much-anticipated book on crystalline sound healing releasing early 2024.

Meet the Artist, Suz Born

Suz Born is trained in psychology and interior design, and her understanding of environments and relational connection inform all her artistic pursuits, from painting to graphics to photography. Her aim is to create work that captures a glimpse of the subject’s true essence.

Suz works from her home studio in Los Angeles and has an endocrine crystal alchemy singing bowl set that she uses in her personal life and for small groups. Drawn in by the bowls’ colors and elements, Suz brings them to life when she plays them and photographs them in natural light. In her own words, “The guiding principle of my work is adoration of the Divine in nature. It’s the most natural thing in the world to respond to beauty, to seek it out and reflect it. I desire to create a glimpse of the beauty that surrounds me.”

A behind the scenes look into the making of the
Crystal Sound Healing Oracle Deck

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