Great Salt Lake


A brand new alchemy with mineral rich salts from the Great Salt Lake, Utah, the home city of Crystal Tones. Great Salt Lake alchemy is rich in a multitude of minerals including magnesium, potassium and lithium. A companion to ease grief, loss and depression, this pure alchemy also brings the caring, gentle and comforting energies of the Divine Mother, an alchemy of great cleansing, detoxification, and renewal.
Mixes include Great Salt Lake with Platinum, Androgynous Indium, Crone Goddess, Smokey Quartz, Violet Gold and more.

Pricing:  $650 – $2,100

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Our Crystal Singing Bowls are created by Crystal Tones in the U.S.A and are made from 99.9% quartz crystal. The bowls may contain natural visible imperfections, which do not affect sound quality.

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