Celestial Tapestry


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Ah sweet sleep… so necessary for our health and well-bring and at times it is elusive !
Please enjoy this beautiful crystalline sound meditation including beat frequencies to help support a restful, regenerative, revitalizing, easy and very peaceful  SLEEPY
I built the orchestra for Celestial Tapestry around a Supergrade Palladium alchemy deeply grounded C note, rooting us in Joy, Playfulness and Wonder.
The alchemies of St. Germain, Larimar, Tesseract Salt, Divine Kryon Twin Flame, Azeztulite, Pink Aura Gold, Pink Ocean Gold, Grandmother, Rose Quartz, Lemurian Seed Crystal and Platinum are also amplified in this singing  bowl orchestra. They support balance, insight, intuition, and open portals of higher awareness. Sleep well. Sleep sound.

Length: 23:30

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