Special Edition – Crystal Sound Healing Oracle Card Deck


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You are invited to explore this unique Crystal Sound Healing Oracle interactive card deck and receive the wisdom of the ancient yet modern world of Sound Healing, Energy and Frequency. Alchemy sound has been known to aid in emotional balance, sleep difficulties, anxiety, stress reduction, depression, pain relief, enhance creativity, support visions, and so much more. The card deck was lovingly created with high intentions for your well-being. Evocative watercolor paintings, in combination with golden sacred geometry shapes and powerful photography infuse a special visual magic into the oracle deck. The potent tones of the crystal alchemy singing bowls help quiet your mind and anchor you in your body, in wholeness and in harmony, connecting you to your authentic self. When you are in that vibrational space, healing can happen. When you listen, breathe, receive and integrate, healing can remain.

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Kyanite Wand Small Chevron, Rhodochrosite Heart, Chevron Amethyst

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