Visions and Harmony Album




Track 1: Visions
Float in the awakening sounds of Ruby, Azeztulite, Carnelian, Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald and more.
Receive a 3rd eye Pineal gland activation and experience the balancing of your body chemistry.
Length: 30:51 minutes

Track 2: Harmony
Be at Peace in your heart with this exquisite mix of tones in the key of the Heart including Lemurian Seed Crystal, Rose quartz, St Germain, Morganite, Apophyllite, Sedona Red Rock and more.
Length: 32:31 minutes

Track 3: Grounding
Deeply Relax into the exquisite sounds of an advanced Chakra set tuned to Mother Gaia, the earth frequency, 432 Hz
Bathe in Andara, Indigo, Citrine, St Germain, Celestite, and more and feel yourself stable and anchored.
Length: 8:23 minutes

*This are audio files that can be streamed from the internet or digitally downloaded. This is not a physical CD.

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