Introduction to Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing

Course Dates

June 2024 Virtual 
June 4-5, 2024
5:00pm – 7:00pm PST


No Prerequisites 

All knowledge levels welcome.

Course Length

2-Day (4 hours total) Virtual Course

Course Tuition


The Sacred Science of Soundcrystal alchemy sound healing program is a consciously created and highly interactive learning experience. To maintain the privacy, intimacy and integrity of sacred space which is uniquely co-created by the group in each training session, there is no recording or re-play offered.


Introduction to Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls.


Introduction to Bioenergetics as taught by Dr. Sue Morter.

Music Theory

Basic Introduction to Music Theory.

Personal Alchemy

How to use Alchemy Singing bowls as Sound Healing Tools for yourself and others.


Taught by Master Alchemist Professor Jeralyn Glass. 

Chakra System

Understanding and Balancing the Chakra system

Art of Sound Healing

Introduction to Sound Healing.

Techniques, Uses and Alchemies

How to play alchemy bowls and exploring different bowl techniques.

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