Level 1 Training

Course Dates

June 24-27, 2021
Accepting Applications

July 8-11, 2021
2:00pm – 10:00pm PT daily
Accepting Applications (Asia and Australia students welcome)

September 23-26, 2021
Accepting Applications


Introdcution to Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing
(2-day, 4-hour course)

1-2 Alchemy Bowls

Course Length

4-Day (32 hours total) Live Virtual Course

Course Tuition


Small Class Size

All courses offered have limited enrollment to create an intimate and experiential training for each student.


Based on The Energy Codes® exploring the science behind the sound.

Music Theory

The musical structure behind the science of sound healing.

Chakra System

Activate, clear, and harmonize the energy centers of the body through the practice of sound healing.

Art of Sound Healing

Practice and embody leading sound baths, ceremonies, group, and private healing sessoions.

Instructors and Special Guests

Courses led by Professor Jeralyn Glass,  a pioneer in crystal alchemy singing bowls, with special guests.

Techniques, Uses and Alchemies

A personalized and indepth exploration of the quantum world of crystal alchemy singing bowls.

Voice and the Human Instrument

Activating the power of voice as a unique vibratory signature.

Endocrine System

Bring balance to the body chemistry with sacred sound and energy medicine exploration.

Personal Alchemy

Develop indivdual gifts, interests and talents using creative sound healing exercises.


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