12 Days of Healing Harmonics Day 2 – Stability

What if we looked at sadness, anger, grief, anxiety, loss and depression as anchoring energies?

We name them. We push them away and they take on an energy that does not serve us. We avoid, substances and more, trying to get rid of them.

Why not embrace the pure energy and experience a rooting? Feel and digest them and receive a reset -the energy of these states can actually make you strong. Let them ground you. Breathe them… move them….anchor.

Guide these powerful energies to be in your favor- they are anyway.😘

See these emotional states from a birds eye view. Your life will change.

You are bigger and more grounded than you imagined- Grandfather, -Iron- Sedona Red Rock, -Power, and Platinum, -Emotional Balance, unwavering at the root chakra.

Powerful moon energies of possibilities- Dylan loved to photograph the night sky, the moon and the stars. One of his dreams was to photograph for National Geo or NASA… The moment I spoke of his love for capturing photos of nature and the cosmos, the heart appeared. Miracles abound.

Stability. Receive it.

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