Today is Day 1 – Legacy. 

Each of us has a unique purpose. Healing Sound can help bring focus and clarity.

Your legacy matters— Yes, it does! 

My son’s legacy had 19 full years- for this time I am ever so grateful- And Love is indeed eternal- as I am learning so much with him in Spirit — how do we connect Heaven and Earth? 

Listen to this Saint Germain Sky Bowl with Dylan’s image on it— it is the note of the heart and brings transformation….


When he was 10, Dylan wrote me this postcard to welcome me home from an Opera Singing gig. 

“Dear mom,

I love you and I’m so glad to see you again…”

What were the whisperings of his soul? On some level he must have known that his life would not be a long one..… On some level he understood at age 10, the Legacy he would leave and that he would write his mom a postcard that would comfort her for days and months…and years and years….. 

“Hi mom from up in the clouds! Just remember, always let god’s light shine on you and you’ll see me!”

Do you know you are made of energy, sound, vibration, and light. 

Do you know what legacy you are  choosing to live?

Live your journey fully and love the path. What is your legacy? 

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