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I first discovered these beautiful Zaphir chimes which are handmade in the South of France when I was living in Germany working as an opera singer, professor and directing The Kids4Kids World Foundation childrens charity organization. The sounds were magical, and I quickly purchased all 5 chimes and integrated them into our music therapy program. The pure, heavenly tones in the 5 different tunings make them the perfect companion to begin or end a sound healing session or sound bath meditation. They have become a staple instrument for me, the Sacred Science of Sound® practitioners and my clients.

The instrument is created with 8 metal cords of varying lengths, formed together and held with a metal ring. The cords are then tuned and voila!they chime a most delightful play of harmonies and overtones, perfect for accompanying the crystal alchemy singing bowls or simply played alone. Often I am asked what that special instrument is I play at the end of a sound bath. I have been told they remind people of their childhood, of the joy of the ice cream truck coming, or even the sounds of the angels.

Crystal Cadence stocks a supply of the 5 different tunings which I match according to the bowls you have chosen for your alchemy crystal sound healing set. They can also be played alone for children to fall asleep, for adults, and as a Feng Shui tool way to clear and tune a room.

Total Chime Length: 14.5″
Chime Length: 5″
Chime Diameter: 2.5″

Custom Embroidered Sacred Science of Sound Blankets

We were inspired to create a beautiful, soft, plush, and cozy blanket with a wonderful energetic feel to wrap up in, to use for yoga or to keep you warm during a sound bath – embroidered with the sacred symbol of the Sri Yantra.

The Sri Yantra is a powerful expression of sacred geometry and integrated in the logo of The Sacred Science of Sound ®, our Educational and Training platform created to share the healing power of music, energy medicine, science and spirituality for the betterment of all. It holds the union of the divine masculine and feminine energies and represents infinite possibility. Comprised of 9 interlocking triangles of varying size, they form 43 smaller triangles, mirroring the cosmos.



The first-of-its-kind interactive Sound Healing Oracle, lovingly curated by Jeralyn Glass and published by Hay House. Each of these beautifully illustrated cards by Los Angeles based artist Suz Born has a QR code on the back: Scan it and let the heart-opening sounds of crystalline singing bowls (each is infused with a gemstone, precious metal or earth element like rose quartz, charcoal, or platinum) wash over you. We are excited to offer you this Sacred Science of Sound® exclusive edition which includes a 100% natural cotton pouch embossed with a golden Sri Yantra symbol and hand made in Italy. It comes with your choice of either a rhodochrosite heart, a chevron amethyst from India(known for its high vibrational energy) or a combination of a kyanite wand and smaller amethyst. The proceeds from our special edition supported La Sorgente, a 501c3 in Italy and India serving women in need. 


A Holiday Celebration Jeralyn Glass and Dr. Sue Morter

An extraordinary journey through Crystal Alchemy Music & Sound Vibration. Traditional Holiday Songs with vocals and crystal alchemy singing bowls nested within Enlightenment & Embodiment Meditations. Discover an elevated Holy Day perspective for Healing, Transcendence, Peace in the Body & Peace on Earth.

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